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  • 10%
    After 12 Hours
    Min: 50 USD  Max: 499 USD
  • 25%
    After 24 Hours
    Min: 500 USD  Max: 4999 USD
  • 45%
    After 48 Hours
    Min: 5000 USD  Max: 9999 USD

cryptofxtrade.ltd is a responsible firm that enhances your investments by using modern technology and continuous monitoring of experts.cryptofxtrade.ltd offers various investment plans that are special designed in the benefits of the investors. Our team of financial experts and investment analysts provide a substantial support and solution that ensures high profit and opportunities to gain more benefits from the investments. With investment plans user can earn hourly interest on different investment plans. User can earn from 10% to 45% After few hours interest rate with minimum of 50 USD to 9999 of investment.